2011 Hazard Mitigation Plan Review (.pdf download)

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2015 Franklin County CEMP (.pdf download)

ESF 10c rev 6.1 update to the CEMP (.pdf download)





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Picture of Sean Davis, Director

Sean T. Davis, Director

(509) 546-5846

Picture of Jacque Cook, Administrative Executive   Jacqueline K. Cook, Administrative Executive   

(509) 546-5845

Picture of Chris Lee, Program Coordinator
Chris Lee, Program Coordinator

(509) 546-5848

Picture of Justin Ratcliffe, Program Coordinator

Justin Ratcliffe, Program Coordinator

(509) 546-5847

1-800-258-5873 (In Franklin County Area Only) or 509-545-3546


1011 E. Ainsworth St. Pasco, WA 99301


2016 Emergency Response Guidebook   


WA State EMD

WA State EMD

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