How to Become a Volunteer

Thank you for applying to become a volunteer with Franklin County Emergency Management (FCEM) office.  When you volunteer for the FCEM emergency response organization, unlike most organizations you volunteer for, you are registering as an emergency worker both within Franklin County and the State of Washington.  We classify all Emergency Management volunteers as Emergency Workers under WAC 118-04-100. Each Emergency Worker in his/her own way is an integral part of emergency preparedness for Franklin County.  No matter what you volunteered to do, as an emergency worker, we may ask for your help in the event of a major emergency or disaster.  Your availability and qualifications determine how or when we request your assistance. 

For your information, under RCW 38.52, an Emergency Worker is protected for medical services, property loss or damage, and liability during the time and distance necessary to travel to the duty, performance of the activity, and reasonable time to return to the point of origin. FCEM Volunteer Emergency Workers are asked not only to respond to disasters, but we also ask them to participate in numerous drills/exercises for the the Department of Energy-Hanford, the Columbia Generating Station Nuclear Plant and Emergency Worker Assistance Center (EWAC), the Pasco Airport, Active Shooter type drills and various other types. These drills offer a great opportunity to test skills, expand knowledge and get a better understanding of the types of responses we may be asking our volunteers to help out with.

Before completing the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION, please review all forms.  Two passport-style photographs will be needed.  It is the policy of this office that all information gathered will be strictly confidential between you and this office.


On behalf of the Mayors, Commissioners, and the citizens of Franklin County, we thank you for volunteering to serve your community!

Even though FCEM is not an emergency response agency, they work with a number of first responders like the Pasco Police and Fire Departments, Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Dispatch Center, the Washington State Patrol, Franklin County Fire Protection Districts, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, American Red Cross and a number of other Federal, State and Local Agencies. If you would like more information about Franklin County Emergency Management, or if you want information about how to prepare for ANY type of emergency in the Franklin County area, please do not hesitate to contact our office at:

1-800-258-5873 (In Franklin County Area Only) or 509-545-3546


1011 E. Ainsworth St. Pasco, WA 99301


E-Mail us at:

 Direct Phone #:

Sean T. Davis, Director

(509) 546-5846

  Jacqueline K. Cook, Administrative Executive  

(509) 546-5845

Chris Lee, Program Coordinator

(509) 546-5848


Cheryl Evosevich, Program Coordinator

(509) 546-5847


1-800-258-5873 (In Franklin County Area Only) or 509-545-3546


1011 E. Ainsworth St. Pasco, WA 99301